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Welcome to h0neydip! This site offers a ton of resources, graphics and quality site world content to help you make your own designs and content. Please take a look around, and comment in the cbox if you use anything. I hope you enjoy the site, and please remember to credit!

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Owner: Kevin
Program Used: Photoshop CC
Hosted By: Shanna
Site Originated: 12/12/13
Site Re-opened: 03/15/17
Version: 16

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Name: Kevin
Nicks: Kev
Sex: Male
Interest in: Men
Birthday & Age: Sept. 29, 1997 - currently 19
Living in: Connecticut
Grade: Sophmore in Collage
Attending: Tunxis Community Collage
Favorite Social Networks: Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Tumblr
Favorite Game: Sims 4
Favorite Singers: DEV, Charli XCX, Terror Jr, Kiiara, Lil Debbie, Brooke Candy, and Bebe Rexha
Favorite Song: I Got Time - Bebe Rexha
Favorite Book: The Merciless - Danielle Vega
Favorite TV Shows: Americas Next Top Model, Pretty Little Liars, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Love
Favorite Color: Black
Years of Experience: 5+ years
Current Sites: h0neydip and DESIGNSBYKEV