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Welcome to h0neydip! This site offers a ton of resources, graphics and quality site world content to help you make your own designs and content. Please take a look around, and comment in the cbox if you use anything. I hope you enjoy the site, and please remember to credit!

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Simple Blend Tutorial

What You Need: DEV Picture, Textures, & PS Actions.

Step One [THE BASICS!]

First, open up a new document (500x250 pixels). Get the two pictures you'd like to blend together, and then add them. You can use the picture I'm using if you'd like. I'm just going to use the same one and blend it together, I think it is easier that way. You don't have to though. Once you have your two pictures on the blank canvas, get your eraser tool and start erasing the side of one of the pictures to make it blend with each other. For the one I'm doing, I erased most of the background on the left side. I hope this is making sense! You can see how mine looks...


Next I'm going to get some textures from Mayra's site (link is above) to make the blend look pretty! You can use any textures you want. I'm going to be using a ton, so I'm not going to like link you to each one. You can pick the ones you want to use, or take a look at the ones on my site. Before you add the textures, make sure you Merge Visible. All the textures I use, I set to lighten and then change the opacity a little bit! This is how mine looks so far...

Step Four [ACTION IT UP!]

Now it is finally time to add some actions to make this blend look a lot better! First, merge all layers again. I'm getting my actions from Punk-Rose. (You can click the Action link above to pick out the one you want to use!) Again, It doesn't matter which one you use. I'm going to be using multiple ones. Here's how mine came out...


Now to finish up this beautiful blend you can: image>adjustments>color balance. I'm going to be changing my colors up, again.. you don't have to if you don't want to. I'm also going to be playing around with the Hue/Saturation, to make it look even better! These, are just simple optional things. So, then you are basically done. You can see how mine turned out below! This is just a simple blend with some textures and actions added into it! If you need any help, or if there is confusion, please let me know in my cbox and I can help you. After your done do not sharpen any more, it will make it look bad. Also, make sure you add your own credit to your blend, I don't want anyone to steal your hard work! You can add text to the blend too. I will not show you how to do that here.